Customized Software Development

Technology alters the way government and business services are delivered. All around the world, entities are looking forward to a digital future, but their view is obstructed by the challenges they face in modernizing such interfaces. Legacy systems are perceived to be a major obstacle in delivering innovative solutions.


ORIONIS specializes in customized software development. We excel in interfacing legacy systems with new ICT solutions by developing public service solutions. Through analyzing business needs and industry requirements, we deliver tailored, scalable, and robust solutions.


Our approach helps organizations fulfill their quests for automation, digitization and transparency:

  • In governance automation prospects, no procedure should be achieved manually when it could be performed by computer
  • Governance digitization prospects suggest that only authentic information should be considered in automated processes, and documents already available should not be unnecessarily requested from recipients. Equally, data produced should be protected and archived
  • As for governance transparency prospects, stakeholders, within the limits of their rights, should have full access to information that can keep them on the track of their files being handled, as well as to the laws and regulations

Our Service includes:

  • Web application developments
  • Mobile application developments
  • E-government applications

Our technology focus includes (but not limited to):

  • Java applications
  • .Net applications
  • Flex
  • Mobile Framework
  • Oracle application