Intelligent Governance in the Public Sector

Helping governments to optimize their resources. Faced with limited resources, Governments are looking for ways to work more efficiently and effectively by using technology, innovation and reforms.


Orionis can help public administrations:

  • Improve the delivery of services to citizens
  • Streamline operations
  • Reduce costs
  • Avert corruption
  • Promote transparency

We have years of proven experience in designing, implementing, operating, and managing service delivery centers. This experience has allowed us to successfully provide numerous government agencies with the best people, processes, and technology to overcome their most difficult challenges.


We offer technology solutions to support Public Administration reforms aimed at implementing policies fostering transparency and performance monitoring in sectors such as:

  • Tax revenue management
  • Public financial management
  • Public expenditure management
  • Treasury management
  • Human resource management

We design and develop applications to capture, authenticate, secure, and share data across governmental agencies by interfacing information silos to reduce the occurrence of corrupted data. We also perform a gap analysis between policy design and execution to identify weaknesses in the strategic alignment of the organization.


Awards received

  • Intelligent Governance for a High performing Customs Administration and NEXUS+
  • World Customs Organization (2011)
  • ORIONIS founder & CEO has received numerous awards for his work including the training of leaders regarding governance matters and the re–conceptualization of NEXUS, a geolocation electronic cargo tracking application interfaced with ASYCUDA


  • United Nations Award – Excellence in Public service (2004)
  • AQUARIUM was created to allow public servants to remotely access information about their careers, retirement, payments and to retrieve digital versions of any of their administrative instruments, thus limiting opportunities for corruption.
  • AQUARIUM is backed by REGNET, a system for digitizing Administrative instruments to check the conformity and the authenticity of careers, as information regarding the citizen was captured by the issuing agency and circulated to other government departments when needed, thus limiting opportunities for fraudulent operations.


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